Goodies! HIP HOP ABS DVD Set – 6 Workouts Set Reviews 3

Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

  • Get flat, sexy abs without ever doing a single crunch or sit-up with Hip Hop Abs
  • Hip Hop Abs comes with 10 total workout routines including 3 bonus workouts and 3 bonus Learn to Dance workout routines across 3 DVDs
  • Includes step-by-step nutrition guide, 30-day workout calendar, measurement card, and tape measure
  • Bonus: 3 additional workouts, 3 Learn to Dance with Shaun T routines, Results on the Run diet guide, and 6-Day SlimDown plan
Shaun T will show you his Tilt, Tuck & Tighten technique for six-pack abs and burning the fat off your entire body. Don’t worry if you can’t dance, Shaun T will teach you his moves, step by step, and you’ll be ready to hit the clubs in your hot, new body in no time. With Hip Hop Abs, you'll get flat, sexy abs without ever doing a single crunch or sit-up. Hip Hop Abs includes 10 total workouts on 3 DVDs including 3 bonus workouts and 3 bonus Learn to Dance with Shaun T routines, Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide, 30-Day Workout Calendar, Measurement card & Tape measure, Results on the Run Diet Guide, and 6-Day SlimDown Plan.

Price: $ 27.94

3 thoughts on “Goodies! HIP HOP ABS DVD Set – 6 Workouts Set Reviews

  1. Shamontiel L. Vaughn "I'm boycotting Amazon's... Feb 26,2013 6:32 am
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Challenging, Fun, and Funny, May 6, 2007

    Pros: I hate doing aerobics and I’m not into health clubs, but when it’s cold outside, I have to compromise, so when I saw this DVD on an infomercial, I gave it a shot. I love to dance and I love hip hop. From another site, I checked out how the actual dance aerobics were and enjoyed that enough to buy this (it’s a little too expensive though).

    Fat Burning Cardio: Shaun T doesn’t go so fast that you can’t keep up, but just enough to keep you energized. Plus, the man is extra funny, especially when “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls comes on. There are those who can count steps and there are those who can really dance, and from his body movement, I’m convinced he can really work the floor. This is by far the most fun I’ve ever had when doing aerobics and I plan to go through the whole 4-week plan, especially since Chicago weather is crazy anyway so I know I can’t jog everyday like I want to. Didn’t know he was an Alpha Phi Alpha until I looked at one of his sites, so that explains the frat hop dance he does, and that is my favorite part of the “Fat Burner” DVD.

    Ab Sculpting: The abs are the most difficult part to gain muscle in but his workouts automatically make me feel the burn (yes, I know, very cliche to say). But surprisingly, it’s my legs that are getting the most workout just from the dancing involved.

    Total Body Burn: That workout was hard. I’m sure it’ll get easier with time, but for the most part, I wanted it be over. On the other hand, I loved the music the most on this one, especially Lumidee, as well as the dances that resembled tribal techniques. The second time around, however, this workout wasn’t so bad. Still worked up a sweat (and I’m not a sweater so that was surprising) but not as surprisingly hard as the first time around.

    Secrets to Flat Abs: Since I’d done the work-outs already, this stuff was kind of like studying for a test after you’ve already taken it and the scantrons are collected. But if I’d done this first, it would’ve been useful.

    Five Minute Workout: Speaking of exercises that’ll kill you, that one had me so worn out that I sat on my floor for about ten minutes and didn’t even realize I’d fallen asleep. It’s such a quick but fierce workout. You feel like you worked out that 22-25 minutes from the intensity of it.

    Teach You How to Dance: I got a little lost with that one because he was getting excited with his choreography and some of the moves were a little old school and slightly drag queen, but it will be enjoyable for people who don’t really know how to dance.

    Cons: Although he does hip hop dance, I have yet to hear a real hip hop song. This is more like dance/pop music, but it’s all good since I like a lot of that too and the language won’t get BeachBody in trouble.

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  2. G. Poole Feb 26,2013 7:14 am
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    It’s fun and it works, July 19, 2007
    G. Poole

    Let me start by stating that I’m a middle aged man who can’t dance!
    So now you are probably asking … what was I thinking? This series of DVDs is clearly targeted at women, and the dialogue in the DVDs reflects that Shaun believes (probably rightly so) that the majority of the viewers are female. Well with that said, I can still say that I’m glad I bought this exercise series – even though I believe it was a late night insomnia induced purchase.

    I was looking for something to help me work my abs that wouldn’t be total tedium and this one came with the added bonus that it would “teach me to dance”. Ok so here’s what I really got:
    – an extremely well paced cardio workout for someone just getting back into shape. The Fat Burning Cardio routine is the best paced cardio routine I’ve ever done. High intensity moments are followed by lower intensity moments to let you catch your breath.
    – a good motivator in Shaun.
    – moves that are not boring but let’s face it – they are like dancing, so if you don’t like dancing in front of a group of people you won’t like doing them in front of the rest of your family. Trust me, they make fun of me still for the couple of times that they saw me working out with these DVDs. I exercise early in the morning now before anyone else gets up.
    – and I felt better busting out a few moves at a wedding this past weekend but let’s face it … I still can’t dance!

    There is something that I would also mention however, if you have bad knees then find something else to do. Some of the moves in these DVDs (even if following the low impact gal) are hard on the knees.

    I’ve been doing them now for two months and I still find myself enjoying it. I usually lose interest in exercise by this point so that alone should tell you that this is a good one.

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  3. J. Peplinski Feb 26,2013 7:23 am
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The most fun you can have standing up!, August 29, 2007
    J. Peplinski (Michigan) –

    I teach Pilates several times per week, so my core is pretty strong already. I love working my abs but I needed some more cardio in my life! These workouts are incredibly effective, they worked my core in all new ways, and got my heartrate up for a nice calorie burn.

    So far my favorite is the Fat Burning Cardio, that was just plain FUN – I wanted to do it again as soon as I was done! Ab Sculpt was fun and effective and even gave me some new ideas to incorporate into my weekly Pilates classes. I didn’t expect too much upper-body toning out of these DVD’s, but the Total Body Burn had my arms begging for mercy! I also expected the Last Minute Abs DVD to be nothing more than a lame way for Beachbody to increase my price, but that was HARD – 5 minutes felt like 50!

    The greatest thing about all these workouts is Shaun T himself. His instructions are clear and easy-to-follow, his encouragement doesn’t feel contrived, and he very clearly enjoys his work. He sure makes me laugh and enjoy myself! No workout can be effective if you don’t want to do it, but Shaun T keeps me coming back for more.

    As most of the reviewers have noted, this doesn’t use “real” hip-hop music. In fact, it doesn’t even use real pop music – if you listen to the singers and lyrics, you’ll realize that this is actually the royalty-free fake pop sold to aerobics teachers all over the country. SO WHAT? You’re not at a real dance party either, you’re doing dance-based exercises in your living room.


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