Scam of the day – $850,000.00 Atm Master Card

Robert Dewar

Attn: Beneficiary,

I am Sorry for late mail, This is to acknowledge the receipt of the instruction given by MRS. ROSE WILLIAMS to send your ATM MASTER CARD of (US$850.000.00). She instructed that as soon as you contact me, I should forward the ATM MASTER CARD to you through Courier Company.
I have been at the courier companies to confirm modalities of registering and dispatching your ATM MASTER CARD to you. All modalities for delivery of the ATM MASTER CARD to you I found & the prices is as follow: acclaimed courier companies such as DHL, TNT,UPS and FEDEX.

Below are the necessary findings I made from the courier companies for the dispatch of your ATM MASTER CARD of US$850.000.00 Dollars to you. Here is the cost of sending your ATM MASTER CARD through any of these Express courier services and the cost from here to your country. You are required to pay one of the necessary courier charges to enable me send your ATM MASTER CARD immediately to you.

Please these are the preferred channels of delivery I confirmed, make your choice and get back to me today.


FedEx(5-working days)
Vat (5%)______$250.00

DHL(5-working days)
Vat (5%)____$200.00

UPS(5-working days)
Vat (5%)____$150.00

TNT(5-working days)
Vat (5%)____$150.00


It is pertinent to note that this payment is not negotiable so select any Transfer today with the name of my assistant secretary as stated below:

Receiver’s name: Okeke Obinna
Receiver’s City: Delta State
Receiver’s Country: Nigeria.
Test Question:A?
Answer: B.
Sender’s Name:
MTCN Number#.

So remember to reconfirm this two information for us
Your Address:……
Your Telephone:….

Be informed that your ATM MASTER CARD will be delivered to your address within 48 hrs of dispatch, as the courier companies I visited informed me.
Therefore I expect you to send the money today so that I will dispatch your ATM MASTER CARD today. Send the payment information to me as soon as you made the payment. On receipt of the delivery cost today, I will proceed immediately to the courier company of your choice and send the ATM MASTER CARD without delay and forward the tracking number to you.

I wait to receive the payment information today.

Best regards,
Rev. Robert Dewar

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